I’m a lecturer in health care ethics at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, NZ. I’m interested in what ‘ethics’ actually means, how we make decisions, the role of values and the disconnect between the theory of ethical decision-making and our practice reality. I am passionate about learning with and from my students.

I enjoy learning about and implementing digital technologies within my ethics modules and more recently have extended my knowledge and skills by being involved in the redesign of a dormant paper in our health and environmental sciences faculty: Media and Communications in Health Promotion. While I do not consider myself as a ‘tech’ expert I am open to learning and to reflecting on my own learning process as a way to better understand the enablers and barriers of learning for my students.

In 2017 I was awarded the AUT Individual Teaching Excellence Award stemming from student outcomes and evaluations, along with feedback from institutional peers and international teaching and educational research colleagues.

This blog will act as a repository for my thoughts and to share my experiences as I learn more about teaching, learning and digital tools through participation in the mosomelt cMOOC and the communities of practice that evolve from this process.

If you are interested, here are some selected conference and journal papers, and feel free to look out for me on Twitter: @amanda_lees and Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Amanda_Lees3

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Selected Publications:

Lees, A. (2016). Digital warriors – Transforming pedagogy one step at a time. In S. Frielick & A. D. Sciascia #npf14lmd: Learners and Mobile Devices. National Project Fund report. Ako Aotearoa, Wellington, NZ.  Retrieved from http://mobilelearners.nz/learners-and-mobile-devices/digital-warriors–transforming-pedagogy-one-step-at-a-time

Godbold, R. & Lees, A. (2016). Facilitating values awareness through education of health professionals: can web based decision making technology help? Nurse Education in Practice. 17 193-199.

Godbold, R. & Lees, A. (2013). Ethics education for health professionals: A values based approach. Nurse Education in Practice. 13(6) 487-584.

Lees, A. B. (2011). The emergence of educational technologies in ethics education: exploring the Values Exchange decision making software. In G. Williams, P. Statham, N. Brown & B. Cleland (Eds.), Changing Demands, Changing Directions. Proceedings ascilite Hobart 2011 (pp.792-798)

Lees, A. (2011). Learning about ethical decision-making in health care using web-based technology: A case study. Unpublished master’s thesis submitted to Auckland University of Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Health Science (MHSc).

Selected Conferences:

Lees, A. & Godbold, R. (2017). Students as participants of research: Ethical issues for healthcare education. Presenting at HEA Networking in Healthcare Education (NET) conference, September 5-6, Cambridge University, UK.

Lees, A., Antonczak, L., & Cochrane, T. (2017). Designing ‘phygital’ spaces: Integrating mobile social media in health education. Paper presenting at the ALT Annual Conference 2017: Beyond islands of innovation – how Learning Technology became the new norm(al), 5-7 September, University of Liverpool, UK.

Kersey, K. & Lees, A. (2017). Participatory visioning of public and environmental health education for South Auckland in 2030. Presented at Council for Academic Public Health Australia (CAPHIA) Teaching and Learning Forum, 20-21 July, Sydney, Australia.

Cochrane, T., Narayan, V., Burcio-Martin, V., Lees, A., & Diesfeld, K. (2015). Designing an authentic professional development cMOOC. In T. Reiners, B.R. von Konsky, D. Gibson, V. Chang, L. Irving, & K. Clarke (Eds.), Globally connected, digitally enabled. Proceedings ascilite 2015 in Perth (pp. FP:41-FP:52).

Perera, C, Lees, A, Ross, L. & Wallis, J (2015) Values Exchange: Engaging students in clinical ethical enquiry through a creative web-based learning community. Workshop at the 6th International Clinical Skills Conference, Prato, Italy 17-20 May.

Godbold, R. & Lees, A. (2014). Valuing values in health education: Can web based decision making technology help? Presentation to the NET NEP 2014 5th International Nurse Education Conference, Noordiwijkerhout, The Netherlands, June 2014.

Lees, A. & Ayson, S. (2013) Through the looking glass: Using the Values Exchange to expand students’ vantage points of practice, moving from opacity and filtered insights to reflection and enhanced world views. HERDSA (Higher Education Research Development Society of Australasia) Conference, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand, 1-4 July, 2013.

Lees, A., & Godbold, R. (2011). Engaging ethics education – exploring the potential of the Values Exchange decision making software: A case study. In C. Proctor, & D.Leighton (Eds.), Education in a Changing Environment (ECE) 6th International Conference : Creativity and Engagement in Higher Education, 6 – 8 July 2011, The University of Salford, Greater Manchester, UK.


 2017 Individual Teaching Excellence Award: AUT Faculty Health and Environmental Sciences. September 2017.

2012 & 2015 Outstanding Established Lecturer: Awarded by Auckland University of Technology, School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences. December 2012; December 2015.

2011 Dwelltime best paper prize:  Awarded at the Education in a Changing Environment 6th International Conference, University of Salford, July 2011. Engaging ethics education – exploring the potential of the Values Exchange decision making software: A case study. Commendation: Best paper on the use of the web and emerging technologies in education

2011 Elsevier Best Paper in healthcare education prize at the Education in a Changing Environment 6th International Conference, University of Salford, July 2011.

Engaging ethics education – exploring the potential of the Values Exchange decision making software: A case study. Commendation: Best Paper in Health Care Education.


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