Vine views: reflecting on using Vine

If technology was a person I don’t think I’d make a very good first impression! I just find instructions really hard to follow and invariably find myself in dark corners of Apps where there seems to be no way out and nowhere to get help.

I did eventually get the hang of Vine – after a period of being held in a stranglehold by its powerful branches.

Thank goodness for YouTube videos and the willingness of others to make clips of how to do…well just about everything. Clearly there are other people like me out there…phew!

Once I’d mastered creating and loading my Vine video it was almost impossible to understand how I’d got into such a tangle. It all seems so simple now!

It is a good reminder that we all learn in different ways and that I need to be mindful of this when using digital tools withy my students, remembering to provide instructions using a range of methods – written, oral and screen shots. Am hoping that being a learner, as part of the mosomelt cMOOC, will really help me to understand some of the challenges my students face when introduced to new things.